National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee reviews and reports

The National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC) carries out animal welfare reviews and compiles advice. Read reports from past reviews.

NAWAC annual reports

NAWAC produces an annual report which covers all of its operations for the year, including work on codes of welfare and regulations, and updates on research.

Download the latest NAWAC annual report pdf 317KB Browse for older annual reports

NAWAC submission on greyhound racing

NAWAC submission on greyhound racing – June 2021 pdf 233KB

NAWAC report on the use of snares

NAWAC proposal to regulate the sale and use of snares – May 2020 pdf 1.1MB

NAWAC submission on review of livestock exports

NAWAC submission on livestock exports – January 2020 pdf 99KB

NAWAC reports on greyhound racing

NAWAC greyhounds update - July 2023 pdf 750KB NAWAC greyhounds update - June 2022 pdf 714KB NAWAC greyhounds update – June 2019 pdf 999KB NAWAC greyhounds update – April 2019 pdf 1.2MB NAWAC greyhounds update – December 2017 pdf 953KB NAWAC report on New Zealand Greyhound Racing Association Incorporated's implementation of greyhound welfare reforms to date – 30 August 2016 pdf 139KB

NAWAC report on rodeos

Advice letter to Government from NAWAC about rodeo animal welfare pdf 156KB Rodeo events – How do they impact the sentient animal? – Report pdf 1MB

NAWAC review on pig crates

NAWAC review on pig crates pdf 153KB

NAWAC opinion papers

NAWAC opinion on animal welfare issues associated with selective breeding pdf 8.1MB

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Last reviewed: 24 Nov 2021