National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee guidelines

Read guidelines about animal welfare published by the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC).

About our guidelines

NAWAC has published guidelines explaining how the committee works. It updates the guidelines regularly to reflect the experiences gained during NAWAC's deliberations.

These guidelines are not a legal interpretation of the Animal Welfare Act 1999.

1. Approach to consideration of draft codes of welfare pdf 35KB 2. Dealing with practices which might be inconsistent with the spirit of Animal Welfare Act pdf 43KB 3. Setting minimum standards where section 73(3) applies [Revoked] pdf 66KB 4. Process for the development of codes of welfare pdf 331KB 5. Role of science in setting animal welfare standards pdf 115KB 6. Wider issues relevant to setting minimum standards pdf 143KB 7. Taking account of society’s ethical values, technical viewpoints and public opinion pdf 23KB Assessing the welfare performance of restraining and kill traps pdf 361KB 10. Phasing out one animal management system in favour of another pdf 25KB 11. Principles of consultation pdf 60KB 12. Prioritisation framework pdf 52KB 13. Recommending regulations where section 183A(2) applies pdf 37KB 14. Determining level of intervention pdf 94KB 15. Approach to understanding why society engages with activities that use animals for Exhibition, Entertainment and Encounter (the 3Es) pdf 121KB

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Last reviewed: 23 Nov 2021